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Soccer Activity in SMEAG Melbourne

Last Sunday, SMEAG English soccer team made its first appearance on the pitch! It was an incredibly sunny day and our students and teachers had a lot of fun together. The soccer tournament involved 8 teams made of 7 players each. The teams competed against each other and went through semi-finals and finals, like how professionals play the game.  There were sweat and heavy panting but there was a lot of laughter and fun as well! We took a lot of pictures before, during and after the match. In fact, we posted the pictures on our Instagram and Facebook page! Check them out and like them so that our players will feel your support from afar.

Unfortunately, our SMEAG English soccer team didn’t make it through the finals, but our players came back to school on Monday with great enthusiasm and tanned skin after a great day spent together outdoors! Well, this was just the beginning; we are definitely ready for our next chance to play and win in July!

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