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Achievements of SMEAG Melbourne

Today, We are going to show you what we’ve achieved over our 1st year at SMEAG English. To date, we have reached over 100 students counting a variety of international students from Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand, Chile, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. Also, our teachers are from all over the world: New Zealand, the United States, Poland, Colombia, Scotland and, of course, Australia.

It is literally a great opportunity to be exposed to diverse accents from different countries in order to improve students’ English listening skills. Our teachers are fantastic! They’re always mingling with our students, playing board games, drinking coffee or tea during the break time and even make it a point to help them learn more by engaging in educational conversations. Some of our teachers sometimes keep delivering lessons before and after class. Recently, we have planned to launch a 2-week intensive PTE course in May. We hope that we can help our students achieve their goals even more while having fun at SMEAG English!


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