SMEAG's Au pair program is a service offered to students who would like to live a 360 degree language experience by combining an English course and living with an Australian family. This opportunity will allow a full immersion in the English language as well as a thorough cultural experience.

4 ~ 17 Weeks General English + 6-Month Au Pair Placement + Settlement Services

  • Language requirement: intermediate level and above.
  • 200 hours experience required.
Q) How many hours will I work, and what will I earn?
- As au pair is a cultural exchange program, you are expected to do 25-35 hours of duties, mostly related to childcare but also some light housework.
Don’t forget, you also get all your accommodation and meals!
Q ) I’m unhappy, what can I do?
-Talk to your host family first! We always first try to assist to find a solution between the two parties. We can mediate and often an open and frank discussion results in a positive outcome.
However, there are situations where this is not the case. Each situation is different and we will do what we can to support both parties. If appropriate, we will find a replacement.
Q) Will I be able to drive to the host family?
- If you have a full, clean driving license you should be permitted to drive in Australia. We recommend you apply for an International Driving Permit before you travel.
If the family needs you to drive their vehicle, they will arrange appropriate insurance for the car you will be driving.
We also ask them to provide you with a couple of lessons and time to practise before you drive on your own or with the children.
Q) What kind of housework duties will I be require to do?
- It depends on the families. The main duty is looking after children, so it depends on the time with children as well.
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