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Open House Melbourne

July 17, 2019

Every year around the end of July or early August, some of the most prominent modern, innovative and historical architectural sites in Melbourne open themselves up to the public for tours and viewings. In 2019 the Open House weekend falls …


May 15, 2019

By far, the most popular tests to take in Australia for higher education or immigration are IELTS (General Training or Academic) and PTE (Academic). All Australian universities accept both academic tests, and it’s easy to find courses to take to …

Aussie (Australian) Slang

April 24, 2019

So, you’ve just arrived in Straya (Australia), and you’re ready to work and study! The people seem friendly, but sometimes you can’t quite understand what they are saying. Are they even speaking English?? Actually, they may be using Australian slang. …

Have a laugh in Melbourne

April 1, 2019

It’s that time of year again when things get a little strange and ridiculous. That’s right, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is once more coming to the streets and theatres of Melbourne! You can see international acts and the brightest …

English Only?

February 28, 2019

Some Melbourne language schools have “English-only” policies that forbid students from using their native languages on campus. The team at SMEAG English encourages students to use English as much as possible but we know that there will be times in …

I want a real English teacher!

January 10, 2019

In most English centres, especially the big ones with a name or with international branches around the world, non-native teachers are not even taken into consideration during recruiting phases. However, there are many fully qualified non-native ESL teachers out there …

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