4 ~ 17 Weeks General English + 6 Months (Paid Hotel) Internship Placement + Settlement Services

Participant Eligibility
  1. Australian Working Holiday Visa holder
  2. Intermediate to Advanced English level
  3. Positive attitude towards the Australian hospitality field
  4. A bright, cooperative and positive attitude
Q) Is it a paid internship?
- Yes, it is. There are companies that provide the minimum wage and salary.
Q) Do you really guarantee your internship placement?
- Yes, we do. Internships help students gain work experiences and help improve English skills. In addition, we have provided many people with the opportunities to participate in internships.
If you are actively involved in the employment activities and are willing to work hard, we will provide you with interviews without any limitations. However, if you refuse a job placement offer, we may not be able to guarantee a new internship placement.
Q) Is the working time guaranteed and fixed?
- Yes. Working Holiday Visa holders can work for up to 6 months, and if some of the employers have changed your workplace, we can also extend your work placement (consult with your employer directly).
Q) Can I take the interview even though my English level is not that good?
- Yes, you can. Before the actual internship, you will be called for a phone interview in English. Throughout the interview, we will be able to check your English level. Also, if you study English (4 weeks), you will be able to improve your English skills prior to the internship.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
※ What is a job refusal?
- When you choose to be in a particular city or location
- When you decline a position or work offer which you
have been provided by an agent.
Internship Program Brochure Download ; www.smeag.coma.au/smeag-internship-program.pdf