SMEAG professional internships are offered to students who would like to step in to the business industry and start networking in order to gain international experience. The skills acquired during the internship will be beneficial as part of a professional development as well as an opportunity to start their career.

4 ~ 17 Weeks General English +4-6 weeks Prof. Unpaid Internship Placement + Settlement Services

Participant Eligibility
  1. Australian Working Holiday Visa holder
  2. Intermediate to Advanced English level
  3. A bright, cooperative and positive attitude
Q) Can I choose my position?
- Unfortunately, no. There are various positions and companies, however, the contract company will check your English level and your work experience then offer the best position to you their matches your profile.
Q) Are the professional companies legitimate?
-Yes. Our contract company will introduce you to professional companies that have good working environments, solid results and so on.
Q) What are my duties?
- It depends on your company, position and working time. Some interns may have to use computers, help out in events and do simple tasks. Nevertheless, you will gain a valuable and good experience in the business field while working in Australia.
Q) I’m not a student anymore. Can I still eligible for an industry experience?
-Yes, you can. Anyone can apply, whether a student, a recent graduate, someone who is changing careers or someone who’s interested in some work experience in Australia.
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